Tariq Bilal
Tariq Bilal is a gentleman through and through. His designs bring a gentle sophistication and depth of character. Watch out world for this fashion talent.
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Sujood Darabke
Sujood Darabkeh is a little bit rock and roll and a little bit country. Effortlessly merging both worlds to create her very own version of culturally-infused modern wear. Sujood may be small but her presence is large.
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Yazan Makhamreh
Yazan Makhamreh merges the world’s of Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford, creating signature pieces that will stand the test of time. It takes a certain maturity to understand the less is more aesthetic and Yazan has it!
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Satanay Hatouq
Satanay Hatouq is one of the youngest contestants of Khayt’s designer competition. Still a college student, Satanay’s designs are spot on the pulse of the younger generation of Jordanians, that most important of categories. We wish this young lady with the golden smile, the very best of luck.
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Dala Abdul Hadi
and Ola Fathallah.
This dynamic duo are vying for Khayt’s grand prize. They bring to the table over 4 years of hands-on retail experience. Their label Flamingo Republic a household name to most in Jordan memorialized the Palestinian cross-stitch in the least expected of places, the denim jacket. This hero piece has graced the shoulders of many women and we are confident that their journey has a solid path to notable success.
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Amjad Al Masri
Amjad Al Masri is a Jordanian fashion creative with a passion for modern design. His designs are bold and courageous, with a fantastical spirit to them. If there is one word to describe Amjad’s work it would be, ‘why not’. Amjad has spent over a year in Paris experimenting with design and fashion, we wish him the best of luck in this competition.
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Mira Al Hammouri
Mira Al Hammouri is the only contestant that is employed in the fashion business, this adds a depth to her experiences at Khayt. Her designs exude sophisticated functionality for the modern woman. Mira is the life of the party at Khayt instilling a healthy dose of fun and camaraderie. We wish her the very best of luck!
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Ayat Ammari
Ayat Ammari. They say actions speak louder than words and no where is this saying more exact that with Ayat. This soft-spoken woman, mother and wife narrates her journey through beautiful creations. With an eye for trending designs, and straight-off-the-runway looks. Ayat is slowly but surely etching a place for herself in Jordanian fashion. One to watch for sure!
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Creative Jordan Fashion Designer Competition for women’s ready-to-wear is open to Jordanian and Non-Jordanian emerging fashion designers residing in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Application Guidelines

Creative Jordan Fashion Designer Competition under the name Khayt is a non-profit competition organized by UNIDO, through its EU and Italy funded Creative Mediterranean project, in partnership with  GSC.

The philanthropic goal of the competition is the advancing of the fashion industry in Jordan through good design, creativity and innovation in fashion. The prize incentivizes emerging fashion designers to create superior fashion designs that showcase their talent and capacity for future success. Through this exercise we hope to strengthen the cooperation between fashion designers and fashion and textile manufacturers in Jordan.


The competition cycle takes participants on an 3-month, design-packed, educational journey at the GSC headquarters, under the supervision of both international and local fashion design mentors. The competitors are challenged to think outside the proverbial box, transforming Jordanian cultural heritage into modern interpretations of fashion. They are encouraged to flex their creative muscle and benefit other local producers in order to strengthen the Jordanian fashion design chain.

The competitors are expected to create a total look. This is a single outfit with matching accessories.  The goal is to challenge the designers to engage with all aspects of the fashion design process and think outside their comfort zone. The winner will then be expected to create a collection around their winning total look that will be produced locally and marketed internationally under the direction of UNIDO, GSC and their partners.

The label under which the capsule collection will be produced is: Khayt Fall ’19 by (designer’s name).

Selection Committee

Meet the contestants’ selection committee. Eight individuals that will give their time and effort to select the talent with the strongest designs and commercial potential.

Our Partners

Who Can Apply?

The applicants are required to meet all below criteria:


Aged 18 years or over as of closing application date of 05 March 2019


Hold a new, valid Jordanian National Number or Residency card.


The applicant is expected to have more than 18 months Fashion Design Experience or involvement in the field of fashion design.

Start a successful career in fashion design

The Competition Design Brief:

Participants are expected to create a total look. This is a single outfit with matching accessories, Fall ’19 contemporary women’s ready-to-wear that is aesthetically pleasing, based on the manufacturing capabilities available in Jordan today. 

8 competitors will be chosen to participate in the competition.  They will be expected to dedicate a minimum of 12 hours a week to the mentorship programs at GSC headquarters in Shmeisani, Jordan.

The theme for the competition


All designs must show evidence of commercial viability, scalability and international resonance. 

All competitors will be expected to sign a contract pledging to abide by the rules and regulations of the competition.

Open Application Design Requirements

  • You must submit one sketch using the template provided.  This sketch should be a reflect of your vision of the theme: A MODERN INTERPRETATION OF JORDAN CULTURE.
  • Additionally applicants can submit up to 5 images of pervious work or sketches, that they feel best reflect their identity.  These images do not need to follow the competition theme.
  • Bio/Portfolio of previous design education and work experience in the field of fashion and otherwise.

  • No changes to submissions can be made once they have been uploaded and sent.

  • The deadline for applications is 10 March 2019.

  • After submitting your application a confirmation message will be displayed.

What's Next

  • The eight finalists for the competition will be contacted via email no later than one week after the application’s closing date.
  • These finalists will be invited to Dezain space  for a meet and greet with the team of international and local fashion design mentors.
  • Finalists will then be introduced to local producers and their expertise in order to tailor their collections to the local manufacturing abilities.
  • Finalists will be expected to create a schedule of attendance at GSC headquarters for the months, in addition to a comprehensive timeline of final sketches and prototype production.
  • Finalists are expected to commit and sign the determined and agreed upon schedule of mentorship, final sketches and prototype production.
  • Final prototypes will be produced and presented to the jury in a star-studded event mid June in Amman, Jordan.

The winner will be expected to create a collection around their winning total look that will be produced locally and marketed internationally.

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